Bride of Fankenstein 3D printed bust - Finished


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After Freddy Krueger this is my second 3d printed model
I got Freddy already 3d printed but had this "bride" printed after downloadable file.
Will work on this one to see how it goes but probably will have it printed again on a larger scale and on a different type of resin (this one has some imperfections not always easy to remove and it's a bit small - about 5,12 in / 13 cms)
As to the painting will be on black, white and grey tones

3D model:


Light grey coat on face and white dry brush
Hair and base also done
(tomorrow will be finished once this is not a complicated model to paint):



That looks really cool! Just a suggestion, when you paint the eyes, use a light gray for the ‘whites’ - gray enough that when you add the highlights to the cornea later on, the pure white will really pop. You can also highlight the whites too. Don’t leave the painted highlights out, even if the scale of the head is large, and you gloss them. I usually add them to the darkest part of the cornea. And the upper half of the eye should be darker than the bottom, as it sits in shadow of the lashes and brows. Here’s a pic of a customer build I did. Hope you don’t mind these comments!
Don't mind at all. The comments are most welcome. Eyes are the hardest part to paint on a face and you did a great job on your figurine. I'll see what I can achieve even if Elsa's eyes are very dark on all the "Bride" pics I've seen.
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"Bride" is done
(has I said on the fisrt post this was kind of an experiment on 3D. In time will have it printed on a different type of resin and on a larger scale)

mcusanelli - didn't quite use your advice for two reasons
1- dark eyes (I think it works a lot better on blue, green or light brown eyes)
2- black and white figurine (on a full colour model it enhances the face paintjob)
I will for sure follow your advice and use it on future colour models. Thanks.


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