Brianna's River Run dress from Outlander


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I'm in a bit of a pickle with fabric selection .I'm making Brianna's dress from episode 411 of Outlander, and I can't find a fabric that I think matches closely enough. She has a sort of bee thing on her stomacher, and it's really this that I'm concerned about matching. I thought about embroidering it on, but it looks like it's just part of the pattern of the fabric.
I've found a pretty close jacquard damask, but it definitely doesn't have the animals in the pattern that Bree's does. Any suggestions?


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Sorry that nobody has replied, and sorry I can't be of any help, other than to offer encouragement and props to you on your project.

Personally I think it's odd how little attention Brianna has got (as far as I know) in the cosplay community. She's a great character and has so many wonderful costumes. My favourite is her Frasers Ridge outfit...just the skirt is amazing.
I found something similar referred to as love bird damask. It is not a match for pattern or texture, but does have the mirrored birds.
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