Braveheart Kilt - themed movie costume display


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Hey all,

Updated the site today with a neat project. A client came to us with a Scottish kilt used in Braveheart (not Mel's, but still very cool) and wanted an ancient looking display for it.

We looked at the film and drew from the style of rocks seen in the walls and homes. Did some sketching and Rich Riley created the base from hardcoated foam and modified a fiberglass torso (removed the arms and blended over cuts and the shoulder seams). Rather than carving out of one big piece, he did each rock individually which really helped give this that extra realism.

He did a killer job with the finish work... everything reads as real rock and rusted metal but it's all just fx paint. :)

A pic below. Be sure to visit our site to see more work like this.

And follow our facebook page to be kept up to date and get lots of sneak peeks and behind the scenes pics:

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