Bourne Supremacy Go-Bag


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I'm sure many of you have seen the Jason Bourne Franchise of films. I know there is a page on the "Go-Bag" seen in the first film: But I'm curious to known whether anyone has attempted to produce the one in the second film. Some of the items seen in a large duffle bag carried by Bourne are his original passport (the first one he picks up while in Switzerland in the Safety Deposit Box in the first movie), a cell phone sim card chip drive, a Siemens ME 45 cell phone, various currencies (Rubles, Dollars, etc.), a custom sniper rifle (was a prop made for the film, from what says) and various other items. Just thought it would be interesting if this could be put together. Hope a lot of you are inspired to do so and help figure out what was in the bag. Hope it goes well.


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^ That was from the first movie, and the thread is linked in his post. OP is after the go bag /duffle bag from The Bourne Supremacy.

It'll be fun to see what is included
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