Boromir's Horn of Gondor

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by BlindSquirrel, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Just finished this replica of Boromir's Horn of Gondor. Hands down the hardest thing I've ever built! All that detail kicked my caboose!

    This is all slush cast resin so once I drilled out the mouthpiece, I could blow it. Apparently I don't have the lip for this instrument as it sounded like a constipated bugle. Good for freaking out cats, not so good for calling for help.

    The strap is round braided leather and the sling rings are links cut from a spring.

    The painting of the horn texture was accomplished with some drybrushing over a base white. Easily the easier paint job I've ever done.

    Full WIP details on on the blog.
  2. allosaur176

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    Looks awesome man, great job!
  3. darthwhitey

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    this is really cool!

    I've always wanted one of these!

    any plans to offer them up? :cool

  4. Weaselhammer

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    I watched your build up through facebook and you blog from the beginning and know you worked REALLY hard on this replica, and it looks great ! I hope your client really appreciates this ! Well done !
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    Beautiful!! I'm interested too!

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