Boromir Leather Surcoat Question - What Colour Is It?


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Hi all,

I'm about to embark upon a Boromir costume build but I seem to have a real problem and would appreciate some expert input.

What colour is Boromir's leather surcoat?

I always thought it was a very dark green, but when I saw Anduriel's superb thread he seemed to have opted for black leather. I then went back to the DVDs and checked the gallery photos and they looked like really dark blue. Now I'm just confused.

I know the Gondor colour scheme is blue and silver but I was convinced Boromir's leather surcoat was green. My telly and computer screens are both **** when it comes to determining colour (I have now discovered).

Please help!

Many thanks


The LoTR films have some extensive color grading. Maybe it looked greenish to you because of that? Or perhaps, since the leather is fairly shiny, you were reading reflections from the forest around Sean Bean?

I personally feel like his coat reads somewhere in the very dark blue to black range. I know at least the extended editions of the films has a fair chunk about the costuming in the featurettes but I can't remember if they talk about Boromir. Maybe you or someone else on the forum has easy access to that and can check?


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In the extended addition appendices for Fellowship, there is a section on Peoples, including names of individuals. Under Boromir, there is a full set of close ups and costume pieces with color swatch guidance. The sircoat is dark blue with silver embroidered trim. I have color matched it to Midnight blue or Dark Prussian Blue. After the shooting of the film, it was worn and faded and falls into Prussian Blue with the embroidered trim fading into green/gray. It was such a deep blue that it looked black in many color graded/hued scenes.
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Depending on the cloth manufacturer, many will call this color Navy but Boromir's sircoat contains no gray or red component to call it Navy. I only mention this because you can find a scene correct blue at some clothing stores that are labled Navy and are not Navy but instead Midnight Blue or Dark Prussian Blue and are appropriate. I would do this instead of black because 1) Gondor's colors are blue and silver and 2) Having the extreme dark blue gets you the blue matching photo opportunities and can be color graded to black if you wish. Starting with black will not allow this. However, don't make the mistake of using a bright blue as it looks so far off of the council of elrond scene that you will be dissapointed with your photos.
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