Borderlands (feature film)

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    I'm cautiously optimistic, I think video game adaptations could make the jump that comic movies have and be moneymakers while also being not terrible, but obviously the past is bumpy for them. I do wonder how they will translate the highly stylized world though. If they try to make it look cell shaded I'm worried it'll be a CG fest or end up looking like some kind of kids show (shows like LazyTown come to mind). Obviously I know they aren't going to make it terrible if they can help it, there's just certain aspects I would hate to see lost in translation.
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    As long as they keep Uwe Boll thousands of galaxies away from the movie, I have hope.
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    This could be lots of fun. Borderlands is a big universe with a lot of interesting and funny characters.
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    This either could be really good or bad and i'm not going to hold my breath.
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    I've played Borderlands 2 all the way to the end, played all the DLC and all I can say is... the premise doesn't justify the length. There is only one joke in that one game that is done constantly over and over and it goes something like this.

    Person 1: Things are looking good!
    Person 2: That's great to hear.
    Person 1: Actually, things are not looking good at all.

    And Claptrap. No amount of ESB C-3POs could equal how much I loathed him. I was so glad he didn't tag along most of the time.

    Also, I think Randy Pitchford would be a greater threat to this movie than Uwe Boll.
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    Maybe they can seal Ashly Burch in some kind of large soundproofed crate to give this project a fighting chance?

    It might work.
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    I hope they use BL1 as their source material, and not BL2.

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