Borderlands Crimson Lance EVA Foam Build

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Domokaze, Jul 29, 2015.

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    Hi everyone! This is my 3rd armour build. I'm using the techniques I learnt from my past builds to "perfect" this build.

    I've been using Foam Templates that I've found on this forum to complete this, so far everything's going well!

    Day 1: Completed the base part of the chest. I hot glued two buckles here so that it would sit flush when together, also so I can easily slip it on and off.

    11248957_10155831815860075_3947523806288972941_n.jpg 11704829_10155831815900075_7871002911268325724_n.jpg

    Day 2/3: I shaved LOL. I also added the defining parts of the chest.

    11781764_10155845507665075_2227818425072601203_n.jpg 11754908_10155842543020075_6671666246552845496_o.jpg 11794137_10155842543000075_384225671510770668_o.jpg 11807565_10155842542575075_1444445960533464936_o.jpg

    Day 4: Cut and attached the shoulders. It took a little patience because I didn't know if I wanted it to sit low, or if I wanted them to be wide. I ended up with wide and now I can't fit through doors LOL

    11754446_10155846854105075_7977808796421054544_o.jpg 11779888_10155848816225075_337871576037321857_o.jpg

    So far this is all I have done! I'm working on the gauntlets right now. I expect to have this done by Anime Revolution 2015 in Vancouver :)
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    Nice work, are you planning a specific weapon to match?
  3. Domokaze

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    I haven't planned one yet! I might just paint a Nerf gun considering how the convention is in 12 days

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