Borderlands Crimson Lance EVA Foam Build


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Hi everyone! This is my 3rd armour build. I'm using the techniques I learnt from my past builds to "perfect" this build.

I've been using Foam Templates that I've found on this forum to complete this, so far everything's going well!

Day 1: Completed the base part of the chest. I hot glued two buckles here so that it would sit flush when together, also so I can easily slip it on and off.


Day 2/3: I shaved LOL. I also added the defining parts of the chest.


Day 4: Cut and attached the shoulders. It took a little patience because I didn't know if I wanted it to sit low, or if I wanted them to be wide. I ended up with wide and now I can't fit through doors LOL


So far this is all I have done! I'm working on the gauntlets right now. I expect to have this done by Anime Revolution 2015 in Vancouver :)