Boorman’s Excalibur Armor


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My repro armor based off of King Arthur’s armor in the 1981 movie Excalibur has arrived! I’m so stoked! It’s not as good as Adam Savages that was made by Terry English, but it’ll do!




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Looks pretty good, although I think that the waist line might be a bit too low. Historically, the breastplate/cuirass on a plate harness ended at the actual waist and not the hips in order to allow the wearer to actually bend at the waist. Still quite impressive though.

Looks pretty cool. How heavy is it?

It shouldn't be too heavy, despite popular belief a full plate harness wasn't that heavy, comparable to a modern day infantryman with a full loadout. But there's one key difference, a modern grunt is carrying most of their weight on their upper torso where as a plate harness has the weight distributed all across the body making the felt weight seem less.

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