Book of Eli style Machete & Sheath


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Not an exact replication, but it wasn't meant to be. I went with functionality vs movie screen by adding the retention strap to hold it in securely and a few extra rivets to ensure the thread didn't have too much stress. Took about 2 days total. One day cutting and measuring, another to dye and finish. All leather is hand cut (I couldn't locate any leather straps with matching color) so some straps aren't perfectly straight. Works and wears great and the grip is quite comfortable. I coated the grip and knots with leather glue and then buffed it a little, giving it a hardened but flexible feel. I left a lot of play in the shoulder and ribcage straps to adjust for whatever I would be wearing while using it. It's not a prop to throw on a shelf, it's for actual use outside. It came with plastic grips and a cheap nylon sheath, so I figured I'd do something nice with it.

14" Blade
19" Overall length
20" Sheath length
1/3" Thick



Just wondering, is that a kukri or a machete?
Either way, very cool! And the Book of Eli was a great movie.
Good job!