Book of Boba Fett: Mechanical question for Sedgley flare pistol owners?

Rook 3

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Already asked at TDH, but no responses.

I have and original flare pistol, but I'm wondering something about it.

The shell eject/extraction lever extracts when opened, but when you shut the barrel doesn't close until it hits the flat face of the firing pin area. Is there supposed to be a spring or something in that lever mechanism that makes it close itself? Or is it just closed by rubbing against the flat plate?


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I believe you're correct.
1) the floppy plate under the barrel hits the receiver when the gun is opened, bracing it, which pushes the extractor out and keeps it out.

2) I have a perfect rectangle of scratches on the flat plate, so I believe the plate pushes it closed.

There isn't a spring as far as I can tell, and it's pushed by the two pieces of metal back and forth

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