Book of Boba Fett EE-3 Kit Interest


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Hello Everyone!

I'm currently working on a build of the EE-3 (Book of Boba version). My hot take is that it's the coolest version of Boba's iconic blaster (blasphemy for empire fans, I know). This blaster has me inspired enough that I think I want to make a few. SO if you're interested in this prop, I'm thinking of offering a limited number of finished blasters (3 max) but I could also do a limited run of DIY kit (10 max). Kits will be 3D printed, combo of FDM and resin to get all those good details with 3D files by mmmystery makers. Painted kits will be painted with alumaluster. DIY Kit would be $100 + shipping ($21.50 estimated). Fully Finished kit will be $200 + shipping (no estimate at this time) If you're interested reply below, with interested DIY or interested Fully Finished. I will also start a build thread so you can see the process and final product should you wish to get one! This list is in no way a commitment, I just don't know how many out there are interested in this one! Thanks!

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