Bone broth cup / soup bowl for Baby Yoda (The Child)

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E Williams

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Hello there!

Here's a bone broth / soup cup for your "Baby Yoda"! I didn't see one posted here or on Thingiverse so I made my own. The geometry should be fairly accurate -- I used reference images from the fourth episode as well as accompanying behind-the-scenes footage from the Gallery specials.


I made my best guess at the size of it and arrived at a 2 5/8" outer diameter, starting from an assumed 14" tall Child (the Mattel version pictured below is a bit shorter and chibi-fied compared to the puppet). If the original wasn't printed, I suspect it could be a shortened 2" sch. 40 PVC pipe cap with feet added on, though that part is much thicker.


Two versions are posted; my first pass had the ends of the legs flush to the contour of the cup, but the Gallery footage revealed a slight step between the cup and the legs and this is reflected in the "idealized" and "accurate" files, respectively. Looking at the reference again I half wonder if the cup upper lip should be shortened by about 1/8" as with the step added to the leg-to-cup joint, the legs appear shorter in relation to the cup than they should be... Thoughts?

cup.png IMG_8083.JPG
(wasn't as careful smoothing out the lines on the bottom of the second version on the right)



PS The cup has a very low center of gravity and is extremely stable due to the wide footprint; I found that my mis-prints were really useful as parts dishes - screws, small printed components, model kit parts, etc. So, a third version is included on Thingiverse with notches in the feet to allow stacking :)


Here is the thingiverse link:

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E Williams

Sr Member
How to finish:

Sand the print to knock down layer lines, and use red glazing and spot putty or XTC-3D epoxy coating on the lower contours to fill the lines that are harder to reach at the base of the legs. The spot putty can be thinned with acetone or isopropyl alcohol to make a glaze. I don't use or recommend XTC-3D very often, but the shape of this is simple enough that no detail will be lost and it would work well in place of the spot putty.

Since I printed my bowl upside down, the print finish was worse on the inside bottom than the outside. I sloshed a thin layer of casting resin around in the bottom to create a smooth surface, but sanding and spot putty or XTC-3D would have worked fine as well. If you don't have any resin on hand, printing the cup upright may result in less post-processing.

Sand again to smooth the coating material and follow up with Dupli-color red filler primer. Check to see that all print lines are filled and if necessary, repeat the sanding and filler primer step.

I painted the cup in multiple thin misted layers of metallic copper/brown colors. I try to avoid Rustoleum as it takes a long time to fully cure, but in this case only this brand had the mix of color I wanted. I used Metallic Rust and Burnished Amber but Rustoleum has at least half a dozen colors in the general ballpark that would work. Thin layers of alternating color give the paint depth; follow up with a grungy acrylic or oil wash for aging.

When finished as described above this cup is not food-safe!


Haaa, this just said E williams shared a project, i looked over and started freeking out. Have i been working in my sleep, no wonder im tired lately for no reason. I've heard of this happening but never figured to me, OMG this is blowing my mind as my currrent project is my mancave and a saber. This i must see...oh its a bowl and then i realise im not listed with my real name here. I'm E Williams also. Nice project though going back to bed

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