Bondo fiberglass resin kit question (Kylo Ren helmet mod)


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Hey there --
First time using any kind of resin. This is bondo fiberglass resin kit (with the fabric sheet). From what I understand, resin w/o wax will dry 'tacky' and I think this has no wax? (It does say waterproof, so I dunno)...I didn't have measuring spoons when mixing, so I had to improvise a bit but am pretty sure the mix was good...but if it's tacky does it mean I didn't have enough hardener? If so, are there options to fix? If it's just tacky when cured, how do I *know* when it's cured for sure? And then what do you do about the tacky? Just sand and wash???

Appreciate any guidance!

NEVER MIND!!! Just took a reeeaaaallly long time to cure. :)
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