Bon Clay a.k.a Mr. 2 (One Piece)


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I am not sure if you guys are familiar with the anime One Piece but I would like to share our craziest "endeavor" so far. (well, it's not me but DR but its my fault.hahaha).

I forced DR to do Bon Clay a.k.a Mr. 2 from the One Piece anime. lol.

I got even mwahahaha because I made most of the costume's stuff. :lol So he had no choice but to wear it because I spent effort to do it :angel

Well, I believed that he fit the character. It suits him, he looks like him and I have my 100% faith that he can bring the character to life. and i was not wrong. :love:thumbsup

Here are a few w.i.p pics...

testing the swans at the back. just finished sewing the coat...

the balls i covered with fur cloth...

duck painting...



shoes...i covered a pair of crocs with pink fabric...

TADAAAAHHH!!! at the event....




the reference pic...:lol:lol:lol

Who would believe he won 2nd place for this?:rolleyes The moment he stepped on stage people were laughing and shouting and chanting his name. it was crazy. The judges almost died laughing they told us during the awarding. :lol


I also won 3rd place as Guyver Valcuria :love

^DR repainted my Guyver using his IM tech. Its metallic and its two-toned...somewhat bluish violet. heck I don't have a decent photo of it yet...photogs have a hard time photographing it and couldn't get colors right...haha :rolleyes

It was also a memorable day as it made a wish of mine come true - I've always wanted us to win at the same event. wish granted. not the top place but still.... its enough. :thumbsup
well you have some serious balls!
great job! i'm a one piece fan, so as disturbing as bon-clay-sama is, all the characters have a special place in my heart, and you nailed him.
made my day! (or night, as it happends to be)

at least we made people happy! :lol

Izabel, Roflmao!!!!! Nailed it.

thanks! :lol

LMAO!!! I wish I lived next door to the two of you, I don't think there would ever be a dull moment. Yoy two are great people:)

:lol oh i'm sure you'll hear us laughing always. hahaha.

well you have some serious balls!
great job! i'm a one piece fan, so as disturbing as bon-clay-sama is, all the characters have a special place in my heart, and you nailed him.


wahahahaha....(husaaaayyy!) there is nothing you guys cant cosplay...four thumbs up!

hahaha. thanks.

yey bon clay! gotta love the guy :)


lol my thoughts exactly!

i mean i apprecite the work put into the costume but still..


:lol thanks.
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