Boba Fett - the Supercar Engineer is back ....

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Some of you may remember and recall, that in 2020, I 'met' Chris Stallard (CSD Designs) who on first conversation just sounded like a Star Wars fan making his way through the galaxy.

He messaged me on Facebook to buy a Darth Vader lightsaber I had just advertised for sale via the RPF group, but sadly for him, it had sold seconds before he had messaged. Expecting our contact to cease as a 'sorry its sold goodbye' conversation, we struck up chat about Star Wars and then over the subsequent weeks this ensued:

For those who want a brief summary and cba to read the link, Chris told me he built Boba Fett helmets. Now I've seen hundred of Fett helmets and can count on one hand the times I've seen a nice or a good one, so I laughed it off as a ''yeah course you do mate'' comment, but one day curiosity got the better of me, and I said go on then show me.

Then I found out Chris was a supercar designer by day, he used to work at TVR and he now worked for a British company building an exclusive and bespoke British supercar, but then by night (Batman esque) he built Boba Fett helmets. Maybe he was good?

The thread link above says it all, he wasn't good, he was EXCEPTIONAL, and he built and delivered to me an ESB Boba Fett helmet.

He messaged me through the entire build with photos of the process, he took photos of the steps and stages and he produced a bespoke book showing the final build process. His customer service was the best i've ever experienced, hands down the guys just so polite, friendly, approachable and he makes the entire process just feel like your some sort of king and he's crafting you some form of Royal artefact. The communication is what helped make this feel like it was just 'next level' prop making.

Its probably the most artisan piece I own and it truly is art!

What I also loved, was he attached a letter with the photo book, explaining that he only makes a small number of these per year to keep the quality high and the availability exclusive, it truly makes you feel like your getting something special.

Following such an epic and quite ecstatic delivery, I commissioned him to built me the ROTJ version of Boba's helmet.

Over the past few weeks, Chris has been crafting that helmet for me, and today was finally the day that I got to wet my pants again and own another CSD (Chris Stallard Designs) Boba Fett helmet. Hand crafted, hand stencilled, hand painted, absolute Artisian!

(ill post some more photos next week of the 2 helmets, ESB & ROTJ together for those that want to see them side by side).

Again the helmet comes in a small brown box, wrapped in a soft blanket type material, wrapped like its a precious child, even the box itself has his artwork spray painted into the side of it with some intentional 'weathering'. Anybody who goes to such lengths for a delivery as to paint and design the shipping box it comes in, is someone who you know will take every piece of care for the piece itself.

Anyway, I'm going to let the photos talk to you, they can explain it better than I can ..

if you want to find Chris, he is on Instagram, give him a follow: Login • Instagram

The helmet costs around £700, but of course, materials, labour, COVID etc can change things from time to time, so best to check the price with him before you order.

I am a huge Boba Fett fan, and I feel pretty blessed that one day I met Chris and ive struck up a good friendship with somebody of such skill and talent.

Star Wars, what a hobby .....




rotj g01.jpg
rotj g02.jpg
rotj g03.jpg
rotj g04.jpg
rotj g05.jpg
rotj g06.jpg
rotj g07.jpg
rotj g08.jpg
rotj g09.jpg
rotj g10.jpg
rotj g12.jpg

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Thanks for sharing both the story and the photos! They are of equal interest and it is always great to see a craftsman at work.


Saw your thread on TDH a couple months back and ended up commissioning Chris for an ESB version. He's been currently working on that while finishing up a couple other helmets - this is one of them i'm guessing - while sending progress shots. Amazing build experience for a piece that i've been shopping around for for a couple years. Details are insane to say the least. Congrats on another great bucket!

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