Boba Fett Samurai


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I've been working on a Boba Fett Foam costume for my 4 year old sone for the Calgary Comic Expo this weekend. I've used as reference. Here are a couple of pics of what it looks like. The Green in the Helmet isn't accurate. It's not that bright but because i sprayed the edges with gold it shows up really bright with my camera flash. Almost done. As you may know kids have huge heads compared to their bodies so he looks like a bit of a bobble head but I'll put up some pics of him wearing it early next week. Hope you guys like it. aaa.jpg 20150415_215513.jpg


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Finished just in time for Calgary comic expo yesterday...hope you guys like it, They were a hit there! He (4 years old) insisted on having one green sabre and one red. It's all about the kids right :p download_20150420_173932.jpg download_20150420_182851.jpg download_20150420_174006.jpg
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