Boba Fett PP2 helmet replica WIP


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Ive been working on this paint up , Im trying to make it look like the way this helmet does now (see TDH gallery), with the extra scratch's and a bit more ware on it , my intention is to make it as close to the way the helmet is now as posible ,(with the stalk attached that is)
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Re: Boba Fett PrePro2 helmet WIP

The helmet is one of my casts from my own sculpt , for this project Ive actually sourced some Rogue Studio ears , they fit my helmet with out much modification to the platforms
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I know, I could have snagged 2 pairs but I was slow on the take for the second pair , though they were laying in a draw dormant for 3 or more years, after finding the first pair I didnt think I needed 2, but I decided it was 2 good to pass on, but they were gone by the time I changed my mind,
Thanks guys!

The clip is just from the sheet alu cut a strip at 9ml then drilled a hole for thhe screw in it the bent it to shape
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