Boba Fett Helmet

Also try RS props theyt are making Fett helmet , recast from a master replica proto helmet (scanned from the PP3 helmet and cast before MR did some odd mods to it )
but if you can wait the GMH will be worth it and with the metal ears that will be out soon, youl be hard pressed finding a better helmet
Thanks, I noticed these helmet recommendations are moulds you paint yourself.

I was looking for one already painted.

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If your after a ready painted one, then yes, either the MR, or ask someone to paint one up for you... Won't be cheap, as they take time and a load of paint.

I had one years ago painted up by Bobamaker himself, and that wasn't cheap, but a dam nice lid.

Since then I have painted my own... which IMHO, looks even better... :)
You can also buy one from Fettpride or Asok and then have someone paint it for you.

There are several excellent painters out there that take commisions.
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