Boba Fett ESB Helmet paint-up


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I didn't ever really do a WIP thread for this, but thought I'd post a final shot of the paint on this sucker. This was a mojofett helmet that I acquired via a trade on here, I believe that the helmet was based off of an MR cast? Someone more knowledgeable would know better than me.

I didn't really use the stencils to paint the damage, and instead just eyeballed the whole thing, so it isn't 100% accurate. This is my first time painting up anything of this sort so be nice :)


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Geez that's nice VT, great job.

For your first time painting a helmet such as this, i think you've managed to pull off an outstanding result.


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Thanks guys! I put the decals on the ears tonight, there are a few minor paint touch-ups that I want to do to the helmet as well, then on to working on the interior.

Question for those that are more knowledgeable than, any recommendations on what to use on the interior foam wise?


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My lid I have used some football helmet padding and epoxy some snaps on the inside and used the football chinstrap to make it extra snug test it out what feels good for you
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