Boardwalk Empire, anyone??


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Boardwalk Empire on HBO is in it's second season and i was wondering if anyone on here is a fan of the show.

i really like it. the whole 20's gangster thing with all the ugly and nice things about life in the 20's. from Chalky White to the young Al Capone. the show rocks but not alot of people have heard of it and it comes on at the same time as The Walking Dead and Dexter.

anybody else??


why do all three shows i love all come on at the same time??? there are other nights of the week, producers....... and no i don't have Tevo.....

Alan Cross

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Big fan of Boardwalk Empire. It's storytelling on a level you can't get on Network TV. Richard Harrow, the war vet sniper with the disfigured face who wears the mask... that's a fascinating character. His gravelly voice is wonderful And the mask is really well done. Definitely recommend the show to anyone who's remotely curious.


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Another fan of BW here. So far, I'm really enjoying this season so far. The more episodes I watch, the more I'm starting to dislike Margaret though. Meddling little beatch, lol.


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I've really been enjoying the show since it premiered.

Someone mentioned earlier in the thread about Richard's mask. I was watching a show on the Science Network called Oddities (it's about an "Antique" store in NYC that deals in unusual items) and on one episode someone brought in an actual mask like that from that time-frame to sell. That one was much smaller though, basically just the eye. But from that it looks like the props department of Boardwalk Empire was spot on in their creation.


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That new Italian dude is whack! Talk about a short fuse, lol.

It's good to see Capone starting to show the man he's going to become. This season is definitely going to have a high body count.


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That new Italian dude is whack! Talk about a short fuse, lol.

It's good to see Capone starting to show the man he's going to become. This season is definitely going to have a high body count.

I see death coming his way. When you are in a room full of the worst gangsters around, it might not be a good idea to go up to each one of them and insult them in a very personal way.


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Well, anyone who knows their history can tell where some of the Capone stuff is headed. My question is who else will be caught in the crossfire...


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This is such a well done really captures the feel of the 20s; the costumes and sets are just marvelous, not to mention the story, acting and intrigue.

This season sure started out bloody though. sure makes me glad I'm a straight-arrow!

Anyway, great show. More kudos for HBO. This is a one hour show that goes by quickly!

P.S. Love Richard too!


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Wow! Did anyone else watch last night? Next week is the season finale.

Looks to be a big finish.

I think Richard Harrow is about to go all "Boondock Saints" YES!

Cant wait to see Al Capone lay the smack down.

Hope Gyp gets his good!

Paul Andrew

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Surprised we don't have a long running thread on this show. It, along with Dexter and TWD, are my weekly tv fix. This show has a thing for killing off the few people I like on it though.

Amish Trooper

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I really hope nothing bad happens to Richard. He's loaded for bear so hopefully he gives far more than he takes.

Man I watched the last 2 episodes last night. Phew, I really like Richard and Eddie the loyal assistant. I really am looking forward to next week. Man they built this finale up.


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This is my favorite, and least favorite, show on television.

My fiancee was hit very hard when

they killed off Jimmy, as he was her favorite character and she was very emotionally invested in him.

After that, she was even more broken up when

they cut to Owen in the box, because once again she'd become very invested in specifically the wrong character.

It's wonderful that there's enough meat to the writing that she can get attached that way, but it's obviously frustrating for us.

I've been anxiously anticipating the real deep dive into Capone, I'm beyond excited for next week's episode. I've also been on the Richard Harrow train since we first met him in the VA hospital, so seeing his character develop has been a joy.
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