Unlimited Run BMO from Adventure Time kits!

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BMO From Adventure Time!!

Hey RPF! With help from Ultraman casting parts for this run, we can offer BMO kits to you guys. I've been wanting a BMO for ages and in the process of making mine I thought I would design everything in a way so that others would be able to make their own and interchange parts or upgrade and make the arms and legs poseable. the scale of this BMO shell allows for space to install an EL sheet or a 8" digital photo frame display (like mine). It has been a long road for me, but it all worked out! BMO measures approx. 10.5" x 7.75" x 4.75".

These will cost $100 per kit + shipping.
At this point the turnaround time will be a week or two. Once I have a few kits ready and in stock The turnaround time will drop to only 2 or 3 days.

>>>>>>>>>>>>LINK TO THE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/TDUU7EIfLqU <<<<<<<<<<<<<

The kit will include the following:

-laser cut sides, top, bottom, face, back plate, and 5 buttons out of plexi.
-4 one inch tubes for the arms and legs, two 90 degree angles to get the legs mounted to BMOs butt (not pictured)
-4 bolts, nuts and washers (not pictured)
-2 hands and 2 feet
-2 black vinyl BMO decals
-mesh material for behind the speaker grills and controller port thingies

------------------------------------------------------------INTEREST LIST -----------------------------------------------------------

1- Tony Stark III
2- Daniel Nelms
3- MrCafe
4- Gimpdiggity
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Absolutely. I would love to have something a little more interactive. I was originally going to have my BMO wired up to play a few facial animations with audio and also maybe play the Adventure Time intro etc. but I ruined my original electronics (a wire in the ribbon connecting the screen to the electronics was creased and shorted something) and just ended up just using a stand in 8" LCD screen that cycles through a few dozen faces.

I did leave BMO open in the back so that I could upgrade it at some point. I also recently saw the episode were BMO visits the place were he/she was made and there's an awesome shot of all of BMO's insides...so of course now I want to make a static BMO unit were the front comes off and you can see everything, hehe.
This would make the best Raspberry PI case with a lil LCD screen/

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Alright! I'm turning this thread into an Unlimited Run. I have these kits for sale as well in my Etsy shop so I'm going to be getting a few sets of these kits rounded up so that I have stock on hand. Those still interested, I will be sending out PMs with payment info. today.

Tony Stark III

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I got your DM about the kit, but Im still not sure how once I attach it all, how do I get that round top and bottom on the sides?Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.27.08 PM.png

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I just took a palm sander to the corners, and sanded to the desired angle. I also filled the inside of the corners with bondo to strengthen during sanding but it ended up not being necessary.

I got your DM about the kit, but Im still not sure how once I attach it all, how do I get that round top and bottom on the sides?View attachment 493263

I'll add you to the Iinterest list.

This is really cool. If I can get some funds together, I'm in.