Blue Moon Blockade Runner - Finished


Finally finished the Blue Moon "Blockade Runner." This was my first resin kit. The pieces for the protruding pipe detail on the engines were really small and fragile, so I replaced them with similarly sized resistors. Additionally, quite a bit of the molded-on piping was broken, so I replaced a bunch with styrene rods. Overall however, the kit goes together really nicely, and I didn't have to do really any of the bubble-filling that I hear about. The main body is hollow, so I put a oak dowel inside, which should prevent any sagging.

It's really hard to tell where the studio model falls on the grey/white scale, so I did the best I could. Additionally, my biggest criticism of the studio model is that (in my opinion) the paint chipping is out of scale, and the individual chips and scrapes seem too large. So I did them smaller.

Criticism appreciated!



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That looks really great! It's a bit soft on contrast, but that's not really a negative.

What is the length on this kit?


Thanks! It's about 18 inches long.

The soft contrast was an attempt to give it some element of scale. I was trying to give it a hint of that indefinite haze that you see when, for example, viewing a container ship from a distance.

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Very well done!
ILM always had a heavy hand with their painting/ chipping and weathering- this was to compensate for the model photography limitations and the fact they had things moving quickly across the screen. We build for a different criteria- having it look good and realistic under prolonged close scrutiny.
IMO your painting and weathering is spot on to what it should be- it looks real-world realistic!


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good work. looks realistic...that's because there's not too much "contrast" in my opinion....
i've seen those oldschool studio modelers write they used grey basecoats because it resulted in better looking natural shadows as opposed to full-on blazing white and stark black panel line washes...from what i remember of course. makes sense real shadows would look more like shadows than painted ones.
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Thanks everybody!

Also, one thing I learned that might be useful to others. Instead of masking all the tiny panels to paint the different panel shades, I thinned different grey and tan Tamiya acrylics with Tamiya acrylic thinner (1 part paint, 3 parts thinner) and just dabbed it on over the flat primer. I didn't even really have to brush - the droplets basically soaked into the flat primer and spread out evenly across the panels, stopping nicely at the panel lines. Much much easier and quicker than masking and spraying.


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Not much to criticize on this. I think the weathering looks perfect for it's scale and colors look good

Excellent job!


Nicely Done! detail is superb! been wanting one of these for awhile to add to my 1/350 medical frigate (WIP) almost had one from a seller here on the RPF but the conversion from Canadian to U.S. funds was too much for the kit. I still have Coopers Runner to build. am I to understand that JPG is making these again? (from the above 2 comments) when I talked to nicholas he was not? shortly after I got MY Neb B kit. guess I'll to poke around to confirm.
Again, great build! keep it up! I'm jealous!