Blue Leather or Tactical Gloves for SWTOR Costume

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by DarthGM, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Hey folks!

    I'm working on a costume and it calls for Slate Blue or even Royal Blue Gloves. I'm trying to scour the internet to find such a thing, but I'm having no luck.

    Saw a few things that might work over on Etsy, but the sizes were all wrong (Men's Medium).

    Anyone have any ideas? I'd prefer the fingers to be as normal as possible, but the hand and wrist don't matter too much because there will be cloth wraps that go around them and up the arms.

    and for those curious, this is what I'm doing...

    Star Wars: The Old Republic | Classes


  2. Lucien Kane

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    check home depot for their designer gardening gloves... They may work for you... Just finding a size that works for you will be the challenge.
  3. Darth Pinhead

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    A key question for you: Budget? It's hard to point you in a direction without knowing limits, that's all. Keep us updated, though. I'm curious as to what you decide.
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