Bloodshed (Samurai Elite Predator) custom 7in. predfig.


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Hi Everyone! This is my latest work, cut myself with exacto knife a couple of times while making this guy. Hence the name Bloodshed. Hope you guys like it and thanks for looking. :D






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I like this alot, i cant tell it had predator parts at first but very cool figure.I can see this confusing for the predator figure thread but i like it.


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zuckuss77- Thanks man, your right, I think I made the mask too busy and confusing making it hard to distinguished him as a predator.

Bovine13- Much appreciated specially coming from you, big fan. This is nothing compared to what you do. Thanks again

Torredator- Thanks for the comments, I actually taught nobodys notice my work and that people are getting harder to please hehe=)

P.S sorry for the late reply too busy and in awe of bigred.
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