Bloodborne saw cleaver, finally started something...


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Hi all. I've been a serial lurker on here for far too long and have finally got round to starting something.... Mainly because my daughter asked me to help her with it so she could take it to university when she starts in September.... I'm a terrible procrastinator.

The item in question is a Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne, a favourite PS4 game of hers. It's not meant to be 100% screen accurate, just a decent representation of it. She found a free template on another site she wanted to use and after I'd reprimanded her for her disloyalty and pointed her to this magnificent site, we set off making it.

It's made from 5mm foam board, layered up, carved with some Isopon P38 (bondo in the states?) to smooth out the transition between layers, and add a bit of strength. Next up for the blade is some sealing and painting, the handle requires carving, filling and sanding, and the locking mechanism needs fabricating too.

It's not meant for swinging around and cleaving heads from shoulders or anything, just display, so it doesn't need to be too robust.

Any comments or tips gratefully received.



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Cool project! Very interesting to laminate the handle from foam board as well. I have some experience with this prop, built one last year for the game release, I can tell you a bit of my process -
It had to be soft for safety and spring open/lock closed as in the game.

Like you, I fabricated the blade in layers, but since it had to be soft, this was made of firm EVA. It had a rigid ABS core mated to the mechanism parts which were water cut out of .25 steel. The 'fork' of the wheel mounted to the (bandsaw and hand formed) ash handle with a couple machine screws, and I wrapped it with oval flat reed from

The iron wrapping on the handle was a pain, I did the side ones with tooling board cut to the curve, and the top ones with thin pieces laminated to thickness to make the curve, got some handmade nails online from a forge in Texas or someplace like that.

A very thin leather with dye and distressing was the 'tattered' wrap, I had to use spray adhesive to keep them in the 'pretty' position as in the renders i worked from. A very nice soft leather made up the primary wrap.

I realize this is probably a bit out there vs what you're looking for - Just thought you might get a kick out of it, far as I'm aware it hasn't really seen the light of day since the one show it was at. Looking forward to more updates!


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That's incredibly good work logan, thanks for the tips and the image too, better reference for me to play with. It is way more detail than I'll be attempting this time, but it certainly shows the level that can be achieved by someone with a lot more skill and patience than I possess. Fantastic.


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UPDATE... progress and almost finished...

So after sanding the blade I added some base black and a dash of metallic silver spray, whilst also sculpting the handle and filling the gaps with builders caulk.


Not sure why some of these pics are flipped when I upload hem but hey ho, sprayed the handle and the cut and glued in some styrene sheet for added strength at the end so it (hopefully) won't wobble around when its bolted together. After that, built up on top of the styrene to match the profile of the existing handle.

IMG_2878 (1).JPG IMG_2881.JPG

Used another bit of styrene sheet to make the mount for the locking lever, and trial fitted it after bending it over the cooker hob. (Mind your fingers). Stuck a couple of bits of foam board together, marked up & cut out the lever, then sculpted, filled/sealed, painted and built up lever assembly for fitting at the end of the build

IMG_2886.JPG IMG_2888.JPG IMG_2889.JPG IMG_2892.JPG IMG_2921.JPG

Handle filled and painted up against the blade thats had a bit more weathering and the runes cut in. Then a bit of silver 'scrapes' added with some brass ring (adhesive foam strip, shaped & painted) with cream cord (weathered) wrapped around handle.
IMG_2919.JPG IMG_2934.JPG

I bought some cream ribbon that I spent a couple of hours distressing up and down a mortar saw blade (very carefully, although there may be some real blood somewhere on it), then dipped it in a mix of paint and rubbed it in some gritty soil under foot to give it a bit more...well...grittiness. Wrapped the handle first with some bog standard t shirty material, painted it and added the distressed ribbon with extra dangly bits for authenticity... ;)
IMG_2939.JPG IMG_2942.JPG

I've got the blade to wrap with more distressed ribbon, bolt it all together and stick the lever on. Nearly there...!
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