Bloodborne pistol build / Iron Kingdoms Magelock pistol


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I've lurked around here for a long while checking out other people's builds and I thought that I would share my own :)

I started a blog to record my journey of setting up my workshop and building the pistol.

My blog can be found here:

but I will post a much shortened account of the build here also.

I drew my initial inspiration from this bit of Bloodborne concept art:

magelock - side 1.png

and altered the image to fit more to my liking.

magelock - Hugh.png

I printed out the picture and made a cardboard template before transferring it to MDF.


I doubled the thickness up to 36mm of MDF, stuck the sheets together and cut out the shape, separating the front breach apart so it can hinge.


I then separated the grip and shaped and sanded it up.

P1050600.JPG P1050610.JPG

I then profiled the main part, and drilled and screwed the grip to it.


I turned a barrel on my lathe, created a thread at one end and bored out a barrel at the other.

P1050656.JPG P1050665.JPG P1050662.JPG

More shaping and profiling, and making a locking tab on the top and adding some cardboard decoration to the breach piece.

20150903_141210.jpg P1050791.JPG

I also made a stand for the model (and painted and lacquered it) and started priming everything up.

P1050797.JPG P1060020.JPG

Next I made a silicone mould of the grip and cast a resin copy.

P1060018.JPG P1060041.JPG


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I then cast a mould for the barrel and made a resin copy of that also (on the 2nd try - the first was a bit wonky ;) )

P1060044.JPG P1060048.JPG P1060106.JPG

Then some decoration for the main piece, and filled and sanded some more

P1060060.JPG P1060061.JPG P1060071.JPG

More decoration for the breach piece and then a 2-part silicone mould of it.
I also made a small mould for the cocking lever with the left over silicone that you can see in the last picture.

P1060111.JPG P1060132.JPG P1060136.JPG P1060143.JPG

aaand that whistle stop tour brings us up to date with where I am at the moment. I will update more when I make more progress!

Thanks for looking :)