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In my continuing quest to make quarantine fun i have decide to make different kinds of face masks from various genera of movies, TV and video games. so here's my latest face mask. It's the iconic blood bag muzzle from Mad Max Furry Road!

while i could make it out of metal to be more screen accurate i do actually want to wear this around so instead i decided to go ahead to my old fall back foam. using some screen caps i drew out a template for the front trident bit and the main sides measured to my face. then i cut them out of 2mm thick foam doubled up. then i just sort of just free handed top straps out a single layer of foam. good thing about post apocalyptic themed props is you have so much leyway when building. after all its meant to look like its cobbled together from scrap. after getting everything cut and glued together i ended up with this.


next step was to seal the foam which i did with some white plasti-dip. normally i would try and put on smooth coats with this but since i wanted a kinda beat up pitted metal look i held the can a little closer when spraying which gave it a very rough textured look. then i painted everything with some krylon metallic spray paint. distresses it with some black and brown washes then strategically added some rust with some vellejo brand rust model paints. finally the screw details were added by super glueing the heads of some small leather rivets in place.

i think it ended up coming out fairly screen accurate. only part that's completely different is the back strap because i didn't really want to have to file my way out evey time i wanted to take is off. so i just ended up using some elastic glued to the mask with some Velcro on on the back to close and adjust it. after wearing this at my job it held up fairly well to a rather hot day. i just need to re-glue on of the tines that came lose at the top. also maybe trim down that same left tine because while it not quite pocking me in the eye it to close for comfort. other wise this was really comfortable to wear. if my boss let me i would use this as my permanent work mask but boss man says no. guess ill stick to my deku mask from my hero academy instead.


there you have it. Ready for escaping from irradiated war boys in your stolen war machine, or facing the crowded lines at the grocery store. You'll allways look stylish in this foam muzzle loving painted and distressed to look like rusted metal. bring out your inner road warrior or submit to being a blood bag for the rest of your short days with this mad max face mask. it doesn't matter how you reach valhalla you'll always keep it shiny and chrome with with this beauty strapped to you sun scorched face.

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