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Air Elmo66

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It takes time and patience. Im going to rock my Celtic proudly this year again and then look into the future. Next agenda would probably be Wolf for sure. :)


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Air Elmo66 AWESOME .... have you thought about upgrading your Suit .... i mean puting animatronics to the head and also the plasma Cannon?... You have made a great way towards a great costume you just need to upgrade or even ameliorate your costume parts, no? :D (y)

Air Elmo66

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Thank you Shogun. It was on my mind to put animatronics into the plasma gun and a motion sensor into my helmet. But my backpack is filled with electronics galore o_O. No more room. I bought a 12volt Power Bank for my fans inside my helmet. It makes my backpack a bit heavier but it is so worth it. For know the only upgrade I will do is make a plasma effect when my guns goes off. I already bought the adafruit board for it. This is what i have now.

IMG_1084.JPG IMG_0946.JPG


Air Elmo66

New Member
I bought a sound board from Replica Props. They make the chip for you. You just upload the files to their website. But i found something better which i will try soon. Just wait for my bread boards to come . this is what i have now .

adafruit_products_2210-00.jpg This is the new chip i have...
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