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Hi everyone,

I bought a nice Zelda Hylian Shield cast half a year ago and finally had time to start finishing it. :)

I started to sand it with 220 paper:

First coat of Primer:

More to come :)
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Small Update:

Sanded small areas again and added another coat of primer

Gave it some time to dry and then painted it with a first coat of silver :)

Next: taping everything that has to stay silver in the end


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So tonight I had time to make some progress :)

Taping done and blue Paint applied :)

I first sprayed every tape-edge with silver again so I have no blue paint going underneath the tape later. Then I sprayed every corner first with blue and then slowly the big area. I waited a few minutes and then sprayed another layer of blue.

Removing the tape while its medium dry so the corners don't crack.


Sup. all tape removed. I'll let it dry 24 hours and then mask the triforce for some gold :)



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nice work, I actually had this idea for the blue section of the shield for when I make mine, basically I'm gonna add pearl flakes into the blue paint to give it a crystaly appearance.


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Started heavy weathering!! Will clean it up and dry brush it's again and clean it up and dry brush it again and clean.... And so on and so forth :D

I hope I'll get a look I like in the end. All the little corners need extra attention too... We'll see :) still some work to do!

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