Star Wars Blaster Display Case

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This display case can house any of the different versions of the Han Solo and Luke Skywalker blasters (Hero, GK/Alternate, ESB and ROTJ).

This is a great way to display a blaster without taking up valuable desktop room and without having to purchase more furniture.

Dimensions: 15 7/8" L x 10 3/4" H x 4" W

Shipping is calculated, so please send me a pm or email ( for a shipping quote. Domestic shipping is around $31 for USPS parcel select.

Display Case W Hero Blaster No Cover.JPG

Wall Mounted Display Case W Cover -Side View.jpg


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These wall cases are spectacular! They are very well made, & as described, perfect for displaying any DL-44 without taking up shelf space. I have many, & they are easy to hang, protect yet still show the blaster wonderfully, & are still super easy to get into. I highly recommend getting these while they're available.
I'm not getting any kick backs, of any kind, for this review. Nor do I expect any. I just really love these display cases.
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