Blast from the Past LA CON 2

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    I found this page in an old Anime magazine of mine and thought I'd share it with you. I remember these cons - they were my first andboy do I miss them. Interesting the cosplay going on here, especially The Greatest American Hero and his Garfield sidekick. This was 1984, back when building a costume conjured images of clippings from Starlog, damaging video-tapes with the pause button and free t-shirts, buttons and posters at the front door.


    Carrie Fisher was soooo hot.
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    That was my first Con. GAH is also wearing one of the Team Banzai headbands that were given out that weekend. I remember sitting through Carrie's panel, and the back-to-back-to-back screening then. A year later that became a national event. Stayed at the Hilton and hardly remember what my room looked like, was never there. Great masquerade (dug the indignant Klingon and Angelique wearing her WoSaT outfit... wow), all sorts of crazy, day and night. Anything was going on at about any time.

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