Blank Boba Fett Helmet?


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So I am looking for a blank boba fett helmet, one without the "dent" in it, I know nothing about molding so I can't make one myself, can anybody point me in the direction of a person who makes these? ill take it with the dent but I dont want it painted


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Does it have to be Boba? Jango is slightly different, but has no dent. If you can get the Boba helm the dent is very easy to fill in with a little bondo.

You'll find a lot of info and sources here:


Terminal Fettler
Marrow Sun
Sgt Fang

Are some of the best known, although I don't think they all make them anymore

Try PMing ASOK either here or on TDH he may have some coldcast ones available


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Well, many Jango Fett helmets are made without the dent, so there's a start :) and you can just buy a raw cast, unpainted.. that's what I will do, as soon as I get some more cash anyways... allthough I want the dent :p


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Contact Asok on TDH and he will fix you up. He can do a Jango or a Boba, and if you got the Boba it is easy to fill the dent.

One of the most important things about it is to get one that fits your body size, if you are planning on wearing it. The Boba helmets are larger than the Jango helmets.
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