Blakes 7 Liberator Gun zero budget build

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    A long time ago I was given the tip of a Liberator gun by Martin Bower and recently I found it in a box of spares looking all forlorn and lonely. I wondered if I could build the rest of the gun but had one problem, zero budget to spend on it.

    It turned into a sort of mental exercise in using every day items to prop build in the grand old tradition of Blue Peter.


    I used the following items in the build
    1x White Spirit Bottle from Poundland
    1x Pepsi Max bottle
    1x sheet of acetate
    1x tube from cling wrap
    1x centre roll from Parcel tape
    1x mini torch
    1x micro push button
    1x bicycle hand grip
    1x curly headphone lead (The one part I had to buy off Ebay for £1.49)
    4x screws
    paint, super glue, hot glue gun etc

    The bottleish nature of the build means that the gun unscrews in half to get at the torch, should the batteries need changing, via the screw bottle cap.


    the build went together really well and although it's not 100 percent screen accurate I think it looks the part and at least gives my acrylic rod somewhere to live rather than the spares box.

    lib2.jpg lib1.jpg lib4.jpg

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