Blakes 7 Liberator Gun biuld with lights and sound


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Morning all, after buying an old Zyto lathe in June 2014, had a play with a broom handle.... Now I wonder.....

Took a while to find the right parts and the correct thickness of acrylic tube and rod.

Also found one of the original GPO curly cable making machines from the 60's-70's which is still in use to make custom vintage curly cables, so got them custom made to as near the original specification as possible.


After getting the hang of it, got some clear acrylic rod and had another go, then just as a test put a led in the back to see if it light up.


One vintage drill handle..


Found the correct size clear tube, and then made a wooden holder for the lathe.

Getting better at these.

I won't bore you with details, so here are a few more photos of the build, the electronics are amplified so quite loud and quite a struggle to get them in the power pack box.












Made some little led delays, so when you press the button the tube lights up and then over about 10 seconds it fades out, so not just on and off, more like an afterglow after being fired.





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ooooooooh nice ,i WANT,i'll tell you what i'll do,you send me one for FREE ,and i'll review it.

Which lets face it ,is doing you a favour,in fact you better send me

ok i'll bite how much do these sell for? and Do you make the transporter braclet?


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soooo stuff for FREE lol,i love Blake's 7,used to watch it every sat eve,i know they are remaking a new version at some time i just hope they keep it online with the old in some ways.Namely The liberator ,Blasters and braclets.I have the 1978(?) annual somewhere.


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I would like to add to this thread with a big thanks to Solar Rick as I was lucky enough to receive one of his Liberator hand guns this week. The build is excellent and the attention to detail is exquisite.
This is probably one of the most screen accurate props I now own, having a Fourth Doctor and StarTrek TOS habit I need to feed as well, this is high praise.
Thanks again,
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