Blake's 7 Liberator gun and display- NOW WITH ADDED TELEPORT BRACELET!


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Actually finished a prop and made a display stand for it, and I'm really pleased with it!

Managed to track down the vintage Black and Decker drill handle, had the EMA parts lying around as leftovers from another project, so the stars had finally aligned!

Laser cut and stacked 6mm acrylic for the clear part, 5 pin DIN plugs, and some offcuts of acrylic tube, with a vintage doorbell button and a 1970s curly telephone cable:

Lib Blaster Progress.jpg

All finished, with leatherwork supplied by a friend, decided to build a wall mounted display, drawn up in Illustrator, and laser cut from 3mm black and opaque acrylic sheet:
Lib Blaster wall.jpg

Final touch, a set of cheap LED strip with battery box to illuminate the Liberator style display:

Lib Blaster wall lit.jpg

It also lights up when the trigger is pressed, and makes the noises from the show!

Happy times, always wanted one, and here it is! :D


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That is fantastic!
Just re-watching the series at the moment, still love it as much now, if not more that when it was first on.
Beautiful work Sir!
"Maximum power" to you.


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You're quite correct, I do have one I made twenty-odd years ago, but I think it might be easier to make a new one than find my old one!


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Moving forward, Halfords Roman Bronze and chrome tape applied:

As you can't get the pink acrylic for the button anymore, I made my own:

Laser cut acrylic, edges rounded off, and several coats of cellulose lacquer tinted with pink enamel gel dye.

Stuck the button on with gel tape, and used cut vinyl for the logo:


The logo is the wrong colour, but I have some the right(ish) colour now.

Just some foam on the inside, and some sort of display to do!


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I read that the original plan was to make the teleport bracelets in an elliptical shape to better fit the wrist. That was considered too expensive. I guess it would have been, considering that most of them disappeared off the set. :lol:



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All done! Laser cut acrylic display stand, made so it can be wall mounted like the gun, logo is a sort of match to me the original Humbrol flesh colour, very happy how it is came together, and a very quick build for me!

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