Blade's Dodge Charger Info

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Does anyone know who has the Dodge Charger from the Blade movies? Were there more than one? Any specs on the car? Pix?

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Way back when I had a subscription to Hot Rod and Car Craft, one of those two did a write up or blurb on it. From what I can remember, it was a 383 car, nothing special. I just remember being disappointed it wasn't rocking a 440 or Elephant or really much to speak of in the go fast goodies department. Still, I wouldn't kick it out of bed.

Yeah, not much info, but it's something. :lol


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Not sure it s the real thing, but it s in Switzerland and looks really close to the one in the movie. It was equiped with 474 strocker, and now back to 440.

Most of the time the car used in the movies or sitcoms are basic version and sometimes even worse. Fast & Furious 70 charger was equiped a ... 350 chevy block and a fake blower !

383 is the most commonly used on the screen. 3 exceptions to my knowledge : Some General Lee were Hemis, 440-6 and 440ci, Kowalski Challi was a 440 and Bullit's Charger is a Hemi too (the sound of the engine was even used to overdub Mc Queen's Mustang !!!).

You can find these information quite easily now on the web.

Best regards
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Yup. Cars are not always what they seem in the movies. Mcqueen's Bullitt mustang was a 390 in the hero version, but the stunt car was a small block because of the weight, despite what Wikipedia says.

Note: that info comes from a policeman friend who worked on the movie blocking streets for the chase.
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I didn't know about the 'stang small block, thanks !

Wikipededia is all about crap, especially when it comes to cars. The French version of the Plymouth's Roadrunner page is just a huge joke made of crap and automated translation of American web articles... For exemple, it s says the it was the fastest muscle available, then it says that it was equiped with a 383, then it says that was the only one equiped with the Elephant and one paragraph later, that it was an option (true, but doesn t match the rest of the rest of the article). If only I knew the great guy who wrote this ****...

People who knows about muscle in Europe are as rare as big block equipped muscle cars... Even if the Dutch, German and the Swiss seems to be more concerned.

I saw recently an article about a French sport car and the photo was a picture of a clone ! So sad !

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