Blades By Baz - Forging a Dune 2021 Crysknife.


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Yeah, I know, it should be made form the tooth of a worm. Anyone know any sandworm tooth dealers?

After the success of forging the Crysknife from the 1984 movie,


I decided to have a crack at the new one. I'll upload progress pics as I can.

I'm a bladesmith at a Canberra bladesmithing and blacksmithing school, teaching classes in both, plus metal sculpture. At home, I have my own workshop and forge.

I'm using 5160 spring steel which hates being forged. It's as tough as bloody hell. You have to get it HOT HOT HOT to move it and pound it hard with a hammer to make it do what you want. At work I have the luxury of power hammers and hydraulic presses, but at home, it's all arms and hammers.

Carving details and textures into the steel is a whole lot of fun!

More to follow.









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If there's any picture which sums up the RPF for me, it's a picture of someone hand-forging a knife with a full-sized homemade Viper casually loitering in the background...

Yet another one of your build threads that I'm excited to see!

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