Blade Runner water gun project


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I was thinking of doing a wash with some black acrylic but I’ve never done that before and don’t know how to go about it.


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I was able to mask off and get my blaster painted today! I realize that it looks too “new”. I have to do some weathering and finish the small details. I’m just wondering what y’all think? View attachment 1605251

Way back when I did mine, I used resin and screw rods for weight and went over the inside of the amber grips with a brown sharpie to darken slightly. I brushed on black oil paint to all the silver sections (making sure to get in all the cracks) and then wiped off immediately. Once dried, I then rubbed in graphite powder and buffed to give it a shine.


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Looking good! I like the 'factory fresh' look myself. I actually think the black parts look fine, to be honest. But as Joberg says, the look of the piece would be tremendously enhanced by a darker blued steel colour on the receiver/bolt lever at least. For what it's worth, when I was doing my latest blaster I went for three different metal colours - dark steel for the receiver/bolt lever (I used Alclad II 'Steel'), lighter steel for the barrel and the Bulldog parts (Alclad II 'Stainless Steel'), and a bright polished look for the internal part of the bolt and the butt plate (Alclad II 'Polished Aluminium'). The darker metal parts were also given a couple of graphite rubs too. I think the addition of the details (gloss red for the LEDs, white for the switch etc.) will make a big difference to the look too. Great work!

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