Blade Runner - Vid-Phôn - JA


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Just wanted to share a commission piece that I finished up today. I know how you guys like your BR props, hope this one looks good :)



WIP Shot..


Yeah, shame on me, I will try to document better :)


Now, give us the gory details - does it light up? Any removable parts? Can the screen image be swapped out?


Very cool. I'm liking that you used a different color scheme. Good color combo.

When I made this kit(or any of the kits I have made) I always enjoy seeing people getting creative and going beyond what I suggest in my buildup pics.
Thanks guys! The quality and fit of the kit is awesome. I believe you can use a real phone' guts, but John decided to stay with the test pattern. I believe it will be more of a display piece than an active prop. It was a pleasure to work on this, thanks for your excellent quality control :)
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