Blade Runner TTRPG

Shipping about to start.


We're midway through November, and we're happy to announce that shipping of the Blade Runner RPG to backers is now about to start. The US fulfillment is a little ahead of UK and EU this time, as those inbound shipments to the warehouses are still clearing customs, but we expect all hubs to be in full swing shipping your rewards before the end of November.

Please do be patient however. With over 15,000 backers and shipping from three separate hubs, it is unfortunately unavoidable that some backers will get their rewards earlier than others, is some cases several weeks earlier. So, please hang in there for at least another month until contacting our support staff about your order. You will get your rewards, promise!

Of course, if you missed the final deadline to complete your pledge manager, or if you have some other urgent issue, you are welcome to contact Our support staff is under a heavy workload at the moment however, so we do ask you to be patient and only contact them in urgent cases.

Thank you!

/Free League

PS. We have seen some backers asking about fulfillment partners. We are, as in previous projects, working with Funagain for the US and Canada, and Gamesquest for the UK, EU, and rest of the world. We know that some of you had some troubles with previous Kickstarter shipments this fall, especially from Funagain. We have been in constant communication with them in last few weeks to avoid a repeat of these issues and ensure an improved service this time around.

Please understand that changing a fulfillment partner is not something that can be done quickly or easily. Fulfillments are planned 6-12 months in advance, and the Blade Runner RPG books and boxes were shipped out from the printers to the warehouses back in July and August. That said, we are are reviewing our partnerships for future fulfillments to make sure our backers get the best service possible.
Looks like the deluxe edition turned out different than the campaign showed it should be in concept. The Leatherette cover originally was supposed to have texture, now it appears smooth and the "hologram" material is cheaper looking as well. Not as nice IMO but I still have to see it in person to properly judge it. The first shot is the Kickstarter concept, the second the one you posted Nth.
Blade runner deluxe book concept.jpg
Blade runner deluxe book actual.jpg
Pre-orders for non Kickstarter backers have started through Blade Runner RPG
Well I hope they get all of our orders out first, I know they say they are but I am reading about tons of issues with Funagain, the company that is fulfilling the orders in the US and Canada. If you go to the Kickstarter comments page for the campaign you will see that they are not using packing materials and orders are arriving damaged in mass. Also Funagain is forgetting to send out items in many orders, mostly the Deluxe core books. My fingers are crossed it won't happen to me but I also ordered the Aliens core book and starter set so I am not holding my breath everything will magically work out.
Twitter reporting that Blade Runner was released in theaters 40 years ago today. Weird that I still prefer a 40 year old movie to the megamillion dollar Blockbusters of today.

Never has a movie been so…full.

But the most soulless cityscape was from I, Robot…so maddeningly clean….
Everything arrived today and it's beautiful. I can't wait for the supplementary books to start coming out for it now.
Game is getting its commercial release to retailers tomorrow, Tuesday December 13th, although will be delayed in some regions due to stock.

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