Blade Runner SUSHI BAR + SLICE OF LIFE making of


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Thanks guys!

Stormy, the film will be around 20 minutes long. A year and a half of production for 20 minutes...:confused Imagine if we did a feature length! :lol

Hopefully we'll have a week or two free in May, and we'll film the toilet scene then. So now all spare time is spent on finishing the set and other stuff..
Here are some photos of set pieces being upgraded!

We needed a ventilation in the toilet, and I did make a crappy one a few years ago. We decided however that it needs to be modified and repainted!
Here's the before paint:


After paint:


And here it is in it's place, all dirtied and rusty!


We also repainted the condom dispenser. I didn't like the blue color, nor the design I made a long time ago.. RUBBER ROOSTER??? I don't know what that was about but it ain't goin' to be in this film, that's for sure!


So bye bye blue color, and welcome silver! I like it more like this! We aimed for Vid-phon feel!


We debated on the new name, and settled on "KROTCH". It feels appropriate, and it's just another one of small tributes to BR.


A couple of stickers and graffiti, and there it is! It still misses some kind of an ad in that empty space, though..

That's it, see you soon! :cheers
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Mike J.

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Well, could you jam a TV screen, monitor or tablet in there and play a loop of video? Doesn't even have to be for condoms, it could be some bizarre soda flavor or something...

Or maybe a tourist-y ad for the Off-world Colonies? Or maybe it also sells "Slice of Life" cigarettes?


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HI GUYS!!! We're back!

Finally!!! We have a couple of weeks free from our job and we are able to continue work our film! It's about time, really! :behave
So, we've been in our studio for two days now, setting up stuff and filming some close-ups. And here are some updates!

I've taken your advice Mike, and jammed a monitor inside the condom dispenser. The graphics are not that important since we've decided that the screen will be broken, and the video will be very glitchy, but it will definitely give life to the set. So, thanks for your comment, it was an awesome idea! ;)


We decided that we will start shooting details and close-ups first, just to get the creative juices flowing. We lowered the ventilation so it would be easier to film it. Of course, it's going very slowly because we take our time to make shots as perfect as we can. As always lighting is totally important, but to sell the set as a real place we must add all kinds of textures to it: dirt, grime, dust, rust... you name it!


As our set is really tiny it can be a real problem to fit all that equipment inside... so.. yeah... you gotta compromise... :lol


This is just a small update so you would know we're still alive, but expect more stuff soon. And of course - a brand new production diary!

I'm always indecisive about showing the actual footage, because I feel each frame is totally a spoiler, but anyway here's a frame we shot today. It's that ventilation setup you can see above.


OK, so I'll see you soon and thank you all for checking out our progress!
Bye!!! :cheers
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Yes! An update (always good to hear from you guys). Looking good and that screen is the bomb! Keep up the great work.


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Good to see more coming along. I know more than ever how something can take so long. I'm bad at having like 30 projects going on at once that takes years to finish.haha
Any possible idea when you guys could finish everything?


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Hey guys!
We are still in the toilet! :D It goes really slow because we still have some jobs to finish and we are doing it all at the same time. Last week we could film only for a couple of hours each day, and we were making only 1-2 shots per day... This week things should speed up, and we hope to get an average of 7-8 shots per day.

The thing is our setups are very complex. We use many light sources, and since our set is very small it can be a problem to hide them outside of the shots.

Here's a panorama of the set. You can see some of the lights. For each camera setup we have to move most of the lights, and reorganize everything and that takes time..


We shot all of the close-ups last week, and now we are starting to film our actor Anton, who says hi! :cool Here's a frame from one of the shots. Color correction is just quickly done, but probably it won't be much different in the final film:


This shot is supposed to look like there is light coming from the window on the left, and from the lightbulb at the top of the frame, but the truth is that for that particular shot we had carefully positioned 8 light sources!!! In the next production diary I'll make a breakdown of that shot so you'll see what each light is doing!

See you soon!
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I love seeing these progress pictures. Your knowledge and understanding the importance of lighting really shows. Great work!


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This is a brilliant thread. That does it. I'm moving to Croatia to help, not that you need any. So inspiring! You're really nailing the look, that cop is perfect casting!


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Good effect lighting is always more complex than people think. You're doing very well and the ambiance is right on.:cool


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Hi guys and thank you for your comments!!!

This past week of shooting wasn't as good as we had hoped. Job and some health problems interfered so we didn't shoot as much as we planned. But, we hope next week we'll speed up the tempo and get back on track.

In the meantime here's the next production diary packed with lighting tips, creative problem solving and..hmm.. set dressing ideas?!?

Production diary No.6 - fresh from our set:

See you soon!
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