Blade Runner Re-make possibly

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Oh for the love of god will they please just leave remaking classic's alone what the hell is going on guy's

worse still after a possible Blade runner re-make it could develop into a T.V serie's

While making the rounds to promote Cowboys & Aliens, Ford told Omlete

Omelete asked, “There’s a lot of talk about a new Blade Runner movie. Maybe developing into a TV series, things like that. How do you feel about it?” Ford responded:

“I don’t have any feeling whatsoever. It was an interesting part of my professional life, I’m glad I made that movie, I’m glad that it got released without the hideous voice-over and I don’t know anything about it. I don’t have a judgement about how wise it is to revisit it. I personally think if you’re gonna do… The ambition every time that I’ve been involved in a sequel of a film or a movie that had a number of iterations, I always felt that we were responsible for bringing something new to the characters and to the experience of the audience. If they go into it with the ambition and some very good idea of how to bring something new to it, maybe it’ll be successful.
I wouldn’t feel bad if I were not invited to the party, because I would understand they would want fresh blood to be spilled. So there you are. They’re making another Jack Ryan movie and I’m not involved. So that’s the way it is.”
The rights specifically exclude a remake. This thread is redundant and should probably be merged with the existing one. No offence, just saying.
I agree...this is beating a dead horse (so to speak). Still...I just can't see a prequel or post Blade Runner film being made.It will never compare with the authenticity or originality of "Blade Runner".Aside from the legalities...another film would be a heavily watered down and diluted version of the would juts "KILL" the first film I.M.O.
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