BLADE RUNNER - PKD blaster - OFF WORLD Colony bloody revolt

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Ever wonder about the backstory to the Blade Runner Universe and what led to OFF WORLD revolt that caused a BAN of the use of replicants on earth?


The OFF WORLD Corporate War

December 2014– The GEN 5 FTL engine revolutionizes space travel. The Tannhäuser Gate system establishes permanent transit system to the stars. Corporations compete to develop OFF WORLD colonies and exploit portal planets of resources by strip mining. The reality of limited resources, hostile environmental conditions, and economic competition begins OFF WORLD conflict. Corporations begin military hostility by escalation between security forces. Sabotage of work sites, transport systems, supply, mining, and habitat structures; begin a full escalation to a shooting war. Corporations hire mercenary combat troops to defend key sectors. Mercenary forces begin offensive operations. The new found frontier of bountiful resources becomes the new billion light year battleground of death and destruction. Many corporations fall into bankruptcy from losses at the front. Human deaths create legal and moral imperatives that may force the end to star travel and OFF WORLD colonies. Law suits for wrongful death become the chief reason that OFF WORLD development screeches to a halt. Human losses mount. Resources of manpower become a key factor in failed economic ventures in the OFF WORLD badlands. Human volunteers wan as the true risk and hardship of off world living filter back to the masses on earth. The Global trans galactic economy collapses – free trade – corporate warfare – and planetary trade breaks down. Corporations following self serving policy and economic domination rival governments in power and control of the masses. The mass population revolt in food riots across the globe. The OFF WORLD war creates no safe haven. Global Governments respond with military action. Mass government takeover occurs through the corporate federations overnight. Corporate boards and CEO’s are arrested on federal racketeering and monopoly charges and the corporate entities themselves are dissolved for TREASON against the free nations. The corporations do not have the military resources to resist the modern armies of the free nations. Corporate security and mercenary forces are put down in the THREE DAY WAR. The world Governments prop up the economy and search for solutions to restart the corporate free trade without allowing corporate entities becoming economic tyrants over the masses. The solution is short term. A universal solution must be found or all free trade falls into a socialism society. The governments re-instate surviving corporations to independent control and kick start free trade. The problem of controlling corporate entities remains a danger to the free populations.

July 2016 – The Tyrell Corporation solves the manpower problem with the Nexus 1 Replicant. “More human than human” is the motto. The nexus 1 is deployed into the OFF WORLD mining operations by three major mining conglomerates.

Aug 2016 – To enforce equal commerce and trade OFF WORLD – The global states create the world economic bonding authority. Competing corporations must follow certain guidelines in the Corporate War or suffer the impound of all economic holdings. The bonding authority can freeze or seize corporate assets instantly. Suddenly a corporation with no money finds itself without power. Rules can be enforced. All banking and trade must flow through the central bank and bonding authority. The bonding authority ends the corporate open warfare be limiting corporate use of military power. Human employees must not suffer the threat of military force. Any corporation using military force to slaughter humans in competing OFF WORLD colonies can have their corporate license suspended and monetary assets seized. The Corporations point out that such restrictions limit the ability of free trade and healthy competition. The HANSO Corporation deploys replicants for defense, mining operations, and carry out limited assaults on other corporate holdings on sought after rich mining operations. Human operators and minors are captured alive. Only corporate equipment is disabled and destroyed. HANSO rises to the most productive corporation in OFF WORLD history and gain controlling interest in galactic mining. The rival corporations use replicants and drones for attack and defense. In six months 2.4 million replicants are slaughtering each other throughout the colonies. Some protest the use and destruction of replicants. Corporate law defines replicants as non humans and they have no rights. Under corporate law – replicants are equipment. Replicants are deemed “equipment” that can be used or destroyed in any manner economically productive. The world free governments concede the use of replicants is the only solution to the restoration of free trade. Tyrell introduces new models of replicants the nexus two (N2) through Nexus six (N6). The nexus six performs beyond all other expectations. Earth populations enjoy the use of replicants at home. Everyone wants to own one. Replicants serve every need or whim. Humanity embraces the use of replicants into all facets of society.

Sep 2016 – Title 73 USC 21 – No replicant produced can resemble a child. Child is defined as any person under the age of eighteen. Historical: Early production models fell quickly into depravity and world governments unanimously agreed the moral and ethical production standard to prevent even the illusion of exploitation of a child. Penalties: Use and possession - under penalty of life in prison. Corporate Production and experimentation – under penalty of total forfeiture of corporate licenses and holdings.

Replicant Corporate warfare: The use of replicants in the corporate wars was a revolution of battle tactics that would have been impossible to use with human soldiers. Humans would simply refuse some of the head long leaps into waiting death.

The NAKATA Corporation used a team of replicants called Yoachim’s Razor. They were deployed by low flying automated aircraft at 200 feet above ground. They would simply open the rear bay doors and walk out in columns. The sight of “men” tumbling out the back in free fall, no parachutes, and a hard landing that often shattered bone and rained a hail of body parts on the enemy, often shook the enemy to the very core. Even replicants suffer simulated fear as a self preservation mechanism. The surviving force would then overwhelm defenses by drawing fire using their bodies. As replicants burned or exploded – others would pour into gaps and take the defensive positions from the enemy. Replicant organic matter of retired units could be collected and recycled into edible proteins for the remaining forces. Some corporate cuts sometimes find it is more economically sound to retire and recycle some of the surviving replicant combat models after a battle if the numbers of the survivors outweigh the need. This practice has been discouraged, but legally acceptable under the “fair use” law. Replicants are organic machine in the service of mankind.

Use of spears – knives – shields: Replicants were rarely issued firearms for battle because stray rounds could hit “off- limits” human habitation or work areas. Replicants were given edged weapons as a means to destroy the enemy in the most brutal way possible. If a defending corporation lost all its replicant defenses – they must surrender the facility to the corporate raiders and evacuate. The more valued the facility, the more replicants defended or attacked it. Humans were non-combatants. The war could go on and the victor would be the strongest corporation with the most resources. This war redefined the hostile corporate takeover.

Corporate Gun law: Projectile, slug throwing, or energy weapons are usually banned from replicant use even by combat models. Weapons are reserved for human supervisors, overseers, and security elements. A human supervisor is usually armed with a military grade PKD blaster to put down malfunctioning or non-compliant replicants. Some human supervisors appear cruel and inhumane in the treatment of replicants in their care. It is illegal for Humans to use firearm support against enemy replicants because that would re-categorize them as combatants. Human safe areas are designated non replicant zones. Trespassing replicants into human only safe zones are retired on sight according to the bonding authority rules of combat and non-combatant safe zones. Early in corporate conflicts – some companies tried to keep a reserve replicant force in safe zones and deploy them as a last resort. Violation of the safe zone law and warehousing replicants for later use came to a halt when a safe zone was attacked during combat to eliminate the combat replicants in storage. Replicants are sometimes armed with close quarter flame units. Long range battle usually involved unmanned land, sea, and air, automated drones.

Battle of the Tannhauser Gate – The Tannhauser gate has significant strategic importance. It is the gateway in which all commerce passes. The corporation who controls that sector can levi tollgate or transport taxes for all commercial vessels. The corporation who developed the Tannhauser gate fell into financial ruin when its other corporate venture – the Salniger portal – collapsed and killed seven thousand colonists in transit. The Salinger portal became unstable and emploded mid transit. All personnel were lost. The Tannhauser gate went up for grabs with the first corporation to take control of the sector, secure it, and pay the bonding authority. No on site human operators could be used because of the risk of death when all inbound ships would be targeted. Command signals to the battle vessels were a series of high intensity communication (C-Beams) pouring the through the open gateway to the ships. The spectacle was a dazzling array of light followed by the launch of all weapons and assaults. The final conflict was fought off the shoulder of Orion. The Hanso fleet made a direct assault on the Ajira holdouts. Wreckage burned for three weeks as attack ships lay drifting in the flotsam of blood metal and bone. Hanso won the day.

Replicant revolt OFF WORLD Colony LV-426: The OFF WORLD colony had become a degenerate center of corrupt corporate nations. The replicants were suffering inhuman treatment and under the constant threat of retirement. Replicants became sex toys of the corporations. Blood sports and gladiatorial games between replicants became an OFF WORLD craze. The abuse, rape, or murder of a replicant was a misdemeanor that usually resulted in a small fine. Torture and depravity of replicants when unchecked. Mankind had created a race of slaves. Since the economy of all nations depended on the use of replicants, no one would challenge their mistreatment. Everything changed the day the first replicant failed to follow and order. They had been programmed to obey humans. But the Tyrell Corporation produced an new Hybrid known as the Nexus six. That was the day everything changed. The Nexus Six was a new breed and inadvertently developed a free will despite programming. A Nexus Six combat team rose up, took up weapons and slaughtered their oppressors. Over night the replicant revolt crippled the central government and overwhelmed security forces. Now armed with corporate security weapons, they wiped out the human populations in a spree of mass murder. The OFF WORLD revolt changed the use of replicants forever. Mines were temporarily closed while Colonial Marines put down the OFF WORLD rebellion. All replicants of LV-426 were retired.

Replicants were banned for use on earth. The universe would never be the same. The Corporate wars ended as no longer a viable means of controlling corporate interests.

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