Blade runner pistol Grips

james kirk

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Can anyone give me some info as to how to make the knurling on the Pistol grips on the
Blade Runner Pistol?
Here is a Pic of the ones I have.
It's from a Marco Enterprises.
I would like to make it more accurate.
The texture is called "checkering". Gunsmiths use a tool called (wait for it!...) a "checkering tool" to create that style of texture in wooden grips. It should be possible to use the same tool and technique on resin. I imagine it takes a lot of practice to perfect the techniques, though if you're already a sculptor that's probably a good head start.
Checkering is a very labor intensive skill in and by itself requiring a lot of practice to get things looking right. You can apply it on resin but from my experience it's going to keep gumming up the cutting heads requiring constant and careful cleaning so as not to dull them. With that it may be easier to just make new grips out of wood with checkering applied and simply make new resin casts from those.
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