Blade Runner: Laser Sound Gun PKD Blaster Conversion (Pic Heavy)


Hello all,

Long time lurker, first time posting! I've been using the RPF for a long time as an invaluable resource for all sorts of research, but only recently have I begun using it as a "How To" to modify, paint, and build my own PKD from one of the cheap Chinese eBay toy guns. I was inspired to do this after seeing the threads by Country Paul and Baron Von Blondle, so thanks to both of those guys for doing such great work and sharing it here.

For those who are unaware, here's how the gun originally looked:
View attachment 494209

After about half an hour's work, I'd gutted the wiring etc. and I'd sanded off the lettering and done a test fit for a barrel extension...
View attachment 494210

After this, I weighted it and filled in the screw holes and battery compartment:

With everything pretty much sorted for the overall shape, I then began to prime and spray it. I decided not to worry to much about the shape of the bullet chamber, or adding a second trigger or sight rod - I just wanted the overall silhouette and colour to be "close enough" without going to the Nth degree in trying to replicate the prop.

Primed and ready to go, I began the painting process by spraying the barrel and clip areas in a black gloss.
20150625_134052.jpg 20150625_134059.jpg

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that some of my masking wasn't perfect and there were a couple of smears and imperfections, but I decided not to worry and plough on - I touched up the messier parts later on. Following the black parts drying, I moved onto the butt plate, receiver, trigger guard, etc. - I decided to spray them all one shade of silver as opposed to the original prop which featured both silver and gunmetal parts.

With the silver parts dried, I decided to revisit the bolt handle on the wrong side of the gun, and camouflage it by spraying it black - I could've filled it in to hide it better, but I feel this quick fix works fairly well. Following this it was time to tackle the grips/handle. I was really nervous about this as it's difficult to recreate the original translucence on a solid piece of plastic. Initially I thought of spraying the grips orange and then doing several coats of clear gloss, but a friend of mine suggested I use a copper spray paint followed by coats of gloss and I'm pleased to say he was right in his prediction. While nowhere near SA to the original, I feel it captures a similar spirit and turned out pretty well...

I did about ten coats of gloss on top of the copper paint and I'm really thrilled with the result. After a bit of a touch up on the areas that got smeared or smudged, I decided that (at least for the time being) this is finished. Considering this is the first proper project I've undertaken like this, I'm really pleased with the results! Here's the finished product for your perusal:
Blaster Collage.jpg

What do you guys think? I'm pretty chuffed with it!

Thanks for looking!



Thanks Postspocalympic! Simplicity was really my watch word. I'm glad you like it!


- - - Updated - - -

Thanks Joberg! I've seen your BR stuff on here before, big fan of your work. Means a lot coming from you!



New Member
You've transformed that toy gun from tacky to tasteful.

I like how the copper on the handle has ended up a similar colour to Deckard's trench coat.


Hi TyrellOCP. Thanks so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it... I'd never made the trench coat connection until now! Hahaha, a happy accident, I think!

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