Blade Runner Ghost Blaster

Hello. I just thought I'd share some shots of my recently completed Blade Runner ghost blaster. I constructed this blaster from Tomenosuke assembly kit. The assembly kit consists of 86 pieces and needs to be hand assembled. Additionally, the metal components come unfinished and require any necessary bluing, painting, and/or polishing. With this kit I polished the metal parts to a mirror finish and replaced the standard amber grips with crystal grips. I also replaced the four red side LEDs on the magazine with orange LEDs for a more unique look. The traditional green LEDs on the laser sight rod were also swapped out for white LEDs.

Additionally, I replaced the standard brass jacketed dummy rounds with stainless steel dummy rounds to better match the aesthetics of the gun. I also removed the standard resin barrel and cylinder and replaced them with polished stainless steel components. Finally, I modified the internals of the gun so that the bolt has some resistance placed on it and no longer flops around as it did in the movie. The storage case is also something I constructed myself from various components.

This modified blaster is almost entirely metal and weighs in at just over three pounds when fully loaded. This is merely a replica gun and is incapable of actually firing, however, both triggers articulate and the cylinder rotates when the rear trigger is pulled. The bolt can also be manipulated, revealing a chamber in the receiver. Thanks for taking the time to look!

Oh it looks fantastic, I love the case too. I never lined the foam in mine since I went for a more "in universe/rugged" approach but we have all the same stickers and badges on there. Fantastic job

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