Blade Runner - Deckards Briefcase with fantasy addition.

Mr Webber

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After much searching, managed to come across the briefcase seen in Deckards apartment, the Halliburton Zero, nothing new to Blade Runner fans but doing some research,
came across what appears to be a second top or lid attatched to the original case.
This second top looks like it has been cut out of another, larger Zero case.
The reason for this attatchment has been speculated over at Propsummit but the exact reason is not known. Perhaps the briefcase had more prominent screen time in an earlier
version of the script. It is only on screen for a few seconds but it does contain the VK question manual, which may or may not be significant.
Anyway, i decided to make the lid a little more interesting and gave it a portable vid phon spin. I wanted to keep the Blade Runner tech feel for the look as the concept is a
stretch for the Blade Runner universe, although, Deckard did have a vid phon in his car, so why not.

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I love this movie, and am a huge fan of the book it was based off of as well. Thanks for sharing, very cool and you have some great prop pieces there!:cool


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Wow. Really cool. By the way. You've got quite the collection going there! Two JWB bottles! I long for one of those. Super Cool.
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