Unlimited Run Blade Runner - Deckard's Blaster (Version 3)


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Re: Blade Runner - Deckard's Gun (3D Printed Kit)

Much thx! Sure thing. For my Primer coats, I always use UPOL #5 High Solids primer. It fills waaaay better than a normal primer. After sanding a 3D print kit, imo you need a good high solids primer to get a smooth primered surface after sanding. I as well used 1/8th inch Fine Line painters masking tape to mask off the gun barrel lettering so no primer got in the letter etching.

For paints... all I used was 3 basic colors. Krylon ColorMaster Semi-Gloss Black.... for the black parts. For the gun grip pommel and 2 bolts on the Kits right hand side plus the part inside the main barrel, I used Humbrol MetalCote Polished Aluminum Spray. For the gun grip frame and barrels... receiver arm, and bullet tumbler and tumbler arm, thumb switches, I used Humbrol MetalCote Polished Steel Spray. The MetalCote Spray cans give a great finish. After applying, you wait over night, then use a soft cloth to buff to desired metallic shine look. Done. No need for any clear top coats. Have no worries about spraying the MetalCote directly over your barrel etching. It is a very thin paint. It will not hide your etched lettering.

I prepainted your Kit...... before assembling. Gun grip and barrels were 1 complete unit. It is the only way imho to not face the nightmare of trying to mask off a completed gun Kit. Once all parts are painted and dry, do a last prefit so you know what part to install and in what order.

Thx again. Hope this info can be helpful to others to achieve a great finish on your Kits! Feel free to ask about anything I have not been clear about.

THIS is much needed and liked. Thanks!