Blade Runner concept sketchbook surfaces online


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Check out the full article here.

This is an incredible resource. Now it is fully viewable online.

And yes, there are concepts of the gun in there :love
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I've had a hard copy of this for years, and I love to flip through it. Syd Mead is one amazing craftsman. I appreciate the other work, but for me Syd Mead is a huge part of Blade Runner. It just would not have been the same film without his work.


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On page 14 the Spinner has a gun mounted on the upper rear. That gun was actually built then removed for filming. I know the guy that built it. Years later it was used on the Star Trek Scorpion vehicle.
Thats funny. A couple weeks back, I took the new over to a friend of mine since he hadn't seen it. He reached over to his book shelf and pulled out that sketchbook.


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Out of Print Blade Runner Sketchbook up online

Hey Folks...
Not exactly sure where to put this one so I put it here. Please feel free to move it if necessary.

I came across the long out of print Blade Runner Sketchbook from 1982 on line. Interesting to look through if you're a fan. You can find it here.

Blade Runner Sketchbook (1982)
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